Alliant HR Outsourcing is a results-focused provider of strategic business services that serves businesses in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania ranging from 1 employee to 100 employees. Alliant is focused on being a different kind of HR Outsourcing company, one that actually WORKS for our clients.

Growing businesses are inundated with changes in employment laws that may come home to roost when you least expect it, and our job is to prepare for these and be the experts on call when they do. We pride ourselves on being “do-ers”, not just tellers, that is why we have scheduled on-site hours with each and every one of our clients on a regular basis.

HR Consultants are a dime a dozen, and almost all of them will smile and kindly decline when it comes to the implementation and training that is required to actually USE something that they have recommended.

So the quest to become the most efficient do-ers of Human Resources for businesses was on in 2012. Two years later we find our company’s services in high demand among companies that are too big to rely on their own HR knowledge, and too small to justify paying an HR Manager a reasonable salary in Oklahoma, along with all the trappings that come along with adding another employee.

After having worked for a large national provider of HR & Payroll solutions for several years, our founder was tired of the constant in-flow and out-flow of the same business owners constantly searching for something more in this area of business management. His clients were tired of being sold the “One Stop Shop” solution that was so in name only. He was also fed-up with the “churn and burn” mentality of client acquisition that instantly made new clients a second class citizen once they signed on the dotted line.

So, the birth of Alliant HR began with a customized approach in mind that would provide business owners with the expertise they desire at a fraction of what it would cost to add it in a full or even part time manner. Our philosophy is simple; We do everything we can to get these tasks and functions off of the desks of key employees, and allow them to focus on the acquisition and retention of clients that will in turn drive their profitability through the roof.

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